The Redlands Fourth-of-July Band - Est. 1981           Directed By:  Curtiss B. Allen

NOTE: On June 2nd, 2015 the Director of the Redlands 4th of July Band, Mr. Curtiss B. Allen Sr. , suffered a heart attack.  On Friday June 5th he underwent quadruple bypass surgery.  He came through the surgery in great shape and is now in residence at a convalescent facility.   His son, Curtiss Allen, Jr., immediately stepped in to direct the remaining rehearsals and carry the Band on through the 4th of July concerts in Sylvan Park and the pre-fireworks show concerts at the University of Redlands Stadium.  For this reason the Band's 2015 Season will be necessarily abbreviated.

America The Beautiful
Arr. By Carmen Dragon
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God Bless
  The United States of America
American Patrol
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 I n t r o d u c i n g
The Redlands 4th-of-July Band
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  The Redlands 4th-of-July Band
is a
Community Band based  in Redlands, California.  It was founded in 1981 to provide patriotic music for the annual 4th of July celebrations.
Learn more about the 4th of July and what it means for our Great Nation!
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July 4th 2015 Will Be Our 35th Season

The Redlands 4th of July Committee's Tee Shirt Design for 2015
Back of Shirt on Left



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                                                     The Redlands 4th-of-July Band                                                     
  Sylvan Park Bandstand, circa 1987
2015 Schedule (so far!?)

June 2nd - Plymouth Village Annual "Strawberry Festival" (and July 4th "Shake-down" Concert) A Concert for those at the Village who would find it difficult or impossible to attend the Sylvan Park Concerts or the Fireworks Show on the 4th of July)
July 4th, 2015 -- Our 35th Season 
Sylvan Park -- Concerts at Noon and 1:30 pm
Ted Runner  Stadium -- 30min. Concert and Incidental Music prior to the Fireworks Show


Small Group Pep Band Contingent for the University of Redlands  Home Football Games

First Home Game:  October 3rd.


Our 34th Season-Ending Fall Concert

This concert marked the end of our 34th Season and a farewell to a long time Band member -- Dan Rodriquez.  He has played bass drum and cymbals with the Band for 31 years and has been our City of Redlands liaison and publicist for most of that time.   He will be retiring in June of 2015 and moving with his wife Blanca to Texas.  We wish him and Blanca God Speed and the best of happy retirements.   We thank him for his many contributions to the Band's success and for his steadfast loyalty and consistent good humor. He will be sorely missed.

A Hunt in the Black Forest
Voelker, arr. by M.L.Lake
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{The original Victor Orchestra recording of 'A Hunt in The Black Forest' was recorded on Aug. 5, 1908.  It was composed by George Voelker , jr. and is cataloged as Victor Recording 35324-B.  It is the flip side of the Victor Orchestra recording of 'In a Clock Store' which was composed by Charles Orth and was recorded on Jan. 24, 1909 as Victor Recording 35324-A.  Both recordings can be heard on The National Jukebox, and on}


The Klaxon (March)
Fillmore, ed. by W.C.O'Hare
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We Gather Together
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(Back Side of the Concert Program)
Personnel Notes:   For "A Hunt in the Black Forest"  the cuckoo, bird whistle, rooster crow, whip, pistol shots, and anvil were executed by Michael Shea, the horses hoofs by Sharon Cole, and the barking of the hounds by Sharon's dog
Abby.   Sarah Griffin designed the Concert Program.

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