The Redlands Fourth-of-July Band - Founded in 1981 by Curtiss Allen Sr.

 Rehearsals Have Begun!  
Sundays -- 3 to 4:30pm in the Basement Fellowship Hall of the First Baptist Church in Redlands, California -- 51 West Olive Avenue.   We are a Community Concert Band open to all, and there are no membership fees.

Joy!      Joy!      Joy!
Joy in Music!
  Celebrating Our Great Country!

That is Us

    ( Photo - August 1996 )     
         Our Founder -- Curtiss Byron Allen Sr. -- July 1939 to Jan. 2016       
 Long Live Our Music Man

                            Vocals By Curtiss Allen Sr.

Introductory  Comments  By Curtiss Allen Sr.

God Bless
  The United States of America

Welcome to Our Website!
  The Redlands 4th-of-July Band
is a
Community Concert Band Redlands, California.  It was founded in 1981 to provide patriotic music for the annual 4th of July celebrations.

2016 T-Shirt Design  50th Anniversary of the 4th of July Celebration in Redlands

**  Put Me Off At Redlands  **

Put me off at Redlands for no other place will do.
The distance is a short ten miles from Bustling San Berdoo,
The place is nestled on the hill beneath fair Smiley Heights,
Its glories are spread far and near with rapturous delight

Redlands, Redlands, fairest of the fair,
Redlands, Redlands, without compare;
Come and join the joyous, happy band,
In the merry charming sunny land.

Put me off at Redlands where the flowers yearly grow,
Among the homes of happy folk with comforts rare galore,
Where earthly pleasures do about, I cannot ask for more.

Put me off at Redlands where the blossoms from the trees,
Produced by matchless climate, what sweet perfume to the breeze;
The days and years pass swiftly by to all who there doth well,
A home in dear old Redlands will obtain a magic spell.

Put me off at Redlands where the gentle zephyrs blow,
In reach of mountain ranges where I dearly love to go;
There is no place beneath the sky, with pleasures quite grand,
Come, join the throng and go with me, then you will understand.





                          The Redlands 4th-of-July Band                          
Sylvan Park Bandstand, circa 1987
 Anticipated  2019 Schedule 

Sylvan Park Bandstand, Redlands, CA.June 4th - Plymouth Village Annual "Strawberry Festival" (and July 4th "Shake-down" Concert) A Concert for those at the Village who would find it difficult or impossible to attend the Sylvan Park  Bandstand Concerts or the Fireworks Show on the 4th of July)

July 4th, 2019 -- Will Be Our 39th Season 

Sylvan Park -- 11:30 till Noon -- Flag Raising Ceremony
Sylvan Park -- Concerts at Noon and 1:30 pm
Ted Runner  Stadium -- 6:30 till 8:30 -- Ceremonial Music and Concert prior to the Fireworks Show

Small Group Pep Band Contingent for the University of Redlands  Home Football Games in October and November
Up coming Games: 
Schedule To Be Announced


A Hunt in the Black Forest by Voelker, arr. by M.L. Lake
Played by the 4th-of - July Band
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{The original Victor Orchestra recording of 'A Hunt in The Black Forest' was recorded on Aug. 5, 1908.  It was composed by and is cataloged as Victor Recording 35324-B.  It is the flip side of the Victor Orchestra recording of 'In a Clock Store' which was composed by Charles Orff and was recorded on Jan. 24, 1909 as Victor Recording 35324-A.  Both recordings can be heard on The National Jukebox, and on}

Notes:   For "A Hunt in the Black Forest"  the cuckoo, bird whistle, rooster crow, whip, pistol shots, and anvil were executed by Michael Shea, the hoofs by Sharon Cole, and the barking of the hounds by Sharon's dog Abby.  Sarah Griffin designed the Concert Program.

Our Original CD  --  1997  Sold Out

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