The Redlands Fourth-of-July Band - Founded in 1981 by Curtiss Allen Sr.

               About Us

The Redlands 4th- of-July Band is a volunteer Community Concert Band (wind ensemble) headquartered in Redlands, California.  It was founded in 1981 by its director, Mr. Curtiss B. Allen.  The following brief history of the Band appeared in the 25th Anniversary Banquet Program, 2006

     The Redlands Fourth-of-July Band was founded in 1981 by Mr. Curtiss B. Allen for the purpose of providing music for the 4th of July celebrations in Redlands, California.  Band personnel that first year were volunteer instrumentalists from the community, ranging from middle-school age through senior citizen.  Rehearsals began in May of that year and the first concerts were presented in Sylvan Park on July 4th.  That first year the musical selections were primarily marches including a rousing rendition of the Stars and Stripes Forever. The music was so favorably received by the large and enthusiastic crowd at the park that it was decided to repeat the concerts the next year.  Beginning in 1982 the band initiated a concert of incidental music during the pre-fireworks show at the University of Redlands stadium.
         That was the beginning of The Redlands Fourth-of-July Band as it exists today.  Each year since 1981 the band has continued to grow in numbers, expand its musical repertoire and improve its level of individual musicianship.  The Sylvan Park and University of Redlands stadium concerts on the 4th of July have become a Redlands tradition.  In 1987 the band was provided with a permanent home in Sylvan Park -- a bandstand funded by the local Optimists Club. 
         For the past thirty seven years the band has also provided music for a variety of other community events.  These have included pre-Fourth of July concerts in the Santa Fe Depot colonnade and the Redlands Bowl, Veterans' Day observances, World Communion Sunday services, the Redlands Quilt Show and the Smiley Library rededication.
         The band has grown in numbers to an average of eighty persons on the 4th of July.  It is composed entirely of volunteers and no fees have ever been charged for membership.  It is a community band in the truest sense.

      "Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed"     Proverbs 16-3   †

2019 Band Staff:

Conductor & Musical Director:  Curtiss Allen Jr.
Asst. Director and Librarian:  Mark Sczublewski
Graphics and email notifications:  Deb Fiedler
Arranger and Composer: Steuart  Goodwin        
Manager: Glenn Smith
Wardrobe Mistress: Brenda Bennett
City Liaison and Publicity: Dan Rodriques
Website: Michael Shea  (

Section Leaders:

Flutes:  Ann Shea
Clarinets: Jill Ansley                                               
Saxophones: Greg Schneider
Double Reeds: Sarah Griffin
Trumpets: John Hedgecock and Jerry Green
Trombones: Keith Ronchetto
Baritones: Dave Ruff
Tubas: John Tarbaux
Percussion: Michael Shea


The First Baptist Church of Redlands will host our rehearsals beginning this season.  Many thanks to them for providing rehearsal space and a storage area for our equipment.
The Church is located at 51 West Olive Avenue.  The main parking is in the rear of the Church off of Cajon Street.  The Rehearsal Hall is in the Basement of the Church.  Our rehearsals are Sundays -- 3 to 4:30pm

The Redlands Fourth of July Committee

**Follow this Link** for the latest information about the 2018 4th of July Celebrations in Redlands.  The Committee, has provided dedicated and 'patient' support for the Band since our beginnings.  

Find The Committee's Facebook  page at:

From Nov. 22nd, 1987 Daily Facts



                                                               25th Anniversary Events

The Band celebrated its 25th Anniversary in July of 2006.  Events included the Band's regular 4th of July Bandstand Concerts in Sylvan Park (our 26th Season!), a pre-4th of July Concert in The Redlands Bowl on June 30th as part of the Bowl's regular Summer Concert Series, an Anniversary Banquet on August 5th in the Casa Loma Room at the University of Redlands, the production of an Anniversary Commemorative Postal Cover, and the production of the Band's most recent DVD/CD recordings.

25th Anniv. Postal Cover - 2006
1 of 5 Different Covers
Price: $5.00
                                Supply is Limited
The Commemorative  Postal Cover has the following postage stamps:  1. The 1940 John Philip Sousa stamp -- one of the "Famous Americans Series", 2. The 1996 "Stars and Stripes Forever Commemorative stamp, and 3. One of five stamps from the "Old Glory Prestige Booklet" --   The Folding Fan.  The five stamps are: 20th-century folk art  featuring Uncle Sam riding a high-wheel bicycle, An 1888 presidential campaign badge with a photograph of Benjamin Harrison, The top portion of a silk bookmark that was woven at the Columbian Exposition in 1893, A modern folding fan with a flag design, and A hand-painted carving of Lady Liberty from the 19th Century.  The Post Mark shows the first 1 and 1/2 opening bars of the 'Stars and Stripes Forever'.

Our Second CD and First DVD -- 2006

Redlands Fourth of July Band
Price: $10.00
Supply is Limited

The Band's Last Labor Day Weekend Concert in the Coronado Island Spreckels Park Bandstand was performed in  2012.    We may be invited to return at some future date.
In Memoriam
                        For those members of the band who have died since our beginnings in 1981.
Warren Martinsen -- Bass Clarinet
Brandon Stanley -- Trumpet
Greg Wise
Herb Mattick -- Arranger

Richard Sloan -- Trumpet
Lou Fararro -- Clarinet
Rosemary Cassel -- Clarinet
David Cadwallader -- Clarinet
Phil Moore -- Percussion
Charles Crane -- Clarinet
Stan Add to dictionary -- Clarinet
                                                                      Tim Williams -- 
   Dean Pearson -- Trumpet 
  Bob Berkley -- Percussion
Michael Duffer -- Alto Saxophone
Curtiss Byron Allen Sr. -- Music Director
Shirley Chaney -- Clarinet
Dennis Sargent -- Clarinet


There are actually at least three other Community Bands in the United States that are, or were, called the 4th of July Band. 

The Bayou St. John 4th of July Band, Louisiana

The Undixieland Band AKA The 4th of July Band, St. George, Utah

The Ozawkie 4th of July Band, Ozawkie, Kansas

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