The Redlands Fourth-of-July Band - Founded in 1981 by Curtiss Allen Sr.
Our Inspiration and Hero


       John Philip Sousa
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    Suggested Reading
"John Philip Sousa - American Phenomenon"
Paul E. Bierley

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                       Sousa's Band on their World Tour, 1910 -1911.


                                        The Redlands Band in 1897 -- Franklin F. Pierce (leader)      
"The band was organized in July, 1887, by R. J. Water.  Pierce (center, back row) arrived in the fall and was soon chosen leader, a position he held until 1898.  At the Southern California band contest in Redondo, August 22, 1895, Redlands won first prize."
From:  'REDLANDS YESTERDAYS'  A Photo Album.......1870 - 1920, by William G. Moore, p. 147.

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