The Redlands Fourth-of-July Band - Founded in 1981 by Curtiss Allen Sr.

Pins and Medals for the Band beginning in Our 6th Season

Season 1 thru Season 5 shown by Representative Pictures

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Band Paving Brick (purchased in 1995)2nd Season of Band 3rd Season of Band4th Season of Band 5th Season of Band1986 Pin
1987 Pin1988 Pin1989 Pin1990 Pin1998 Medal1999 Medal
2000 Medal2001 Medal2002 Medal2004 Medal2005 Medal2006 Medal
2007 Medal2008 Medal2010 Medal2011 Medal2012 Medal2013 Medal
2014 Medal2015 Medal2016 Medal 2017 Medal2018 Medal
(1991 thru 1997 and 2003 -- Pin or Medal not issued)

Pep Band Rehearsal and Game Schedule


To Practice Your Instrument Every Day!
& To Be at Every Rehearsal! 
Curtiss B. Allen Jr, Director
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