The Redlands Fourth-of-July Band - Founded in 1981 by Curtiss Allen Sr.
        A Gallery of Our Venues, People, etc.
These pictures were chosen from my own collection.  Any band member or member of our adoring public is invited to submit an appropriate picture of the Band or of a particular section for inclusion on the site.
Just contact me.  The pictures will be 'changed up' from time to time.  Michael Shea
July 3rd and 4th 2010 --- Our 30th Season
(Pictures Courtesy of Mike Schneblin)
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Hmmm, Too Many Notes!
OK, I have it now!
Team Percussion
Sylvan Park '09 Submitted by Irene Haney
Sylvan Park '09 Submitted by Irene Haney
Happy 4th of July, 2009 from Greg Schneider!!
Submitted by Charles Colvin (2007)
Submitted by Charles Colvin ( 2007)
Submitted by Charles Colvin ( 2007)
Submitted by Charles Colvin ( 2007)

Trumpeter's Lullaby
You Guys are so Serious!  Lighten Up!
The "Chicken Dance" at Spreckles Park, Coronado, 2008
"I like the guy on the far right in the red shirt"
Spreckles Park, Coronado, 2008
Spreckles Park Bandstand, 2008
Practicing for the "Chicken Dance"
Nick at the Helm
                                         Rehearsals At Bethany Reformed Church
                                                           Redlands Quilt Show
                                          Ted Runner Stadium - Univ. of Redlands,
                                                      Prior to the Fireworks Show
                               Veteran's Day Observances -- Redlands Eternal Flame
                                              Plymouth Village Strawberry Festival
                                 Sylvan Park on July 4th -- The Calm Before the Storm

                                                     Percussion Section -- 2005
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